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Unveiling video: Ipsy May glam bag

Tada! This is what I got in my monthly subscription to Ipsy, May 2017:

So… I know this is 2017 and Youtube just celebrated 10 years (11 maybe?) buuuuut this is my FIRST Youtube video I have ever posted (woo woo!).  I want to start doing them at least once a month to reveal what I got in my Ipsy bag (who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when it’s makeup in a cute bag….). So, enjoy! And please give me some constructive feedback to help make my videos better and better. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Unveiling video: Ipsy May glam bag

  1. Omg dry shampoo!!!
    One tip I have is to avoid natural light and get a good bright lamp, just helps with seeing details better. Welcome to YouTube!

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