kitty corner

IMG_0081Look at this suave little handsome kitty! Now look at his atrocious litter box.


Stripes is the first cat I have ever owned, and he is worth every litter box change. I was very hesitant getting a cat because of the litter box–the smell, the sight, the changing… everything. Our old house had a good out of the way nook for it so the last two years have been just fine. However, we just moved and the new house does not have the luxury of a litter box nook. So I turned to Pinterest and scoured for one that would fit our space. There are literally hundreds of different options out there from building one into the wall (whoa!) to simply putting up a curtain. I chose a middle of the road option that involves a small table, some curtains, and an open-top litter box.

K and I took a weekend afternoon trip to Ikea and found a small table that fit in the corner (the Lack table is small, light weight, and only $10!!). We picked black since we wanted it to blend in rather than stand out (they had a fluorescent yellow one, double whoa). Next, I went to the Fabric Depot and picked out a light-weight cotton (i.e. washable) fabric and 1 yard of velcro (I chose a khaki colored one since it was on sale and won’t be seen).


I measured and sketched out the dimensions needed (note: measurements are finished edge measurements so when cutting, add an inch to each side for the seam). I cut out the two large side pieces and ironed/pinned the seams into place, then sewed all four sides. Then, repeated those steps with the two front pieces. Then, I sewed the fuzzy (i.e. not scratchy side) of the velcro along the top edge of the curtains on the front side of the fabric.

I turned the table over and stapled the scratchy-grabby side of the velcro on three of the sides (also side note: easiest Ikea furniture set up ever! took all of 2 minutes to assemble and no big fight between K and I). I made sure to place the velcro on the inside of the legs so the curtain edges would be hidden, but feel free to place them where you would like. Make sure when you staple that you pull the velcro tight and secure in multiple places.


Next, I placed the fabric along the velcro. I personally made the fabric pieces a little longer than the velcro so I could bunch them up to look more dynamic and like real curtains. Turn the table over and voila! Little kitty corner. I placed his food on the top as well since the pooch won’t be able to reach his little snoot that far to snack on it.


Here’s little Stripes checking it out!

What you need:

  1. a small table
  2. 1.5 yards of fabric
  3. 1 yard of velcro (non-sticky!)
  4. scissors
  5. staple gun
  6. sewing machine (or needle and thread for those who would rather hand sew)
  7. tape measure
  8. iron
  9. kitty!

Total cost: $19.50

  1. table $10 (you can get the Ikea one or find one at a flea market or second hand shop)
  2. fabric $9 (it was from a place that sells wholesale and they were having a sale on top of their normal sale!)
  3. velcro: $.50 (that was on suuuuper sale, so since I didn’t care about the color I got a great deal).

Total time: 4hrs (shopping, pinning, sewing, assembling)


Tips for those who can’t sew or who don’t have access to a sewing machine: You can skip the sewing machine if you get that iron-on seam stuff for hemming. You  can also use sticky velcro instead of sewing the velcro onto the fabric, or staple the fabric straight to the table. I went the extra mile on the velcro and seams because I wanted to make mine both removable and durable for easy washing, but it should hold up well with these short cuts.

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