Fall cleaning


Everyone always talks about spring cleaning, a way to refresh while the seasons change. Why not Fall cleaning? I love to hunker down and get cozy during the winter months, but sometimes it’s hard when my closet is still set up for summer. My tanks are front and center, my shorts are in the top drawer, my sweaters and scarves and hats are all on the very tippy top shelf in my closet. What better time to rifle through all my summer clothes I didn’t actually wear, and my winter clothes I have no intention oh wearing for the next 4 months. Here are my Fall tips for cleaning out your closet:


  1. Pull everything out of your closet, I mean everything.  I recommend doing this twice a year as it makes sure everything is hung properly AND you can see every last thing you own.
  2. Go through all of your summer clothes, is there something you didn’t wear this year? Put it in the donate pile. All it’s going to do is take up precious space in your closet for the next 4-5 months.
  3. Go through all of your winter stuff, is there a sweater you absolutely adored last winter that now you couldn’t imagine wearing again? Tastes change just like the seasons, get rid of those well loved sweaters. Some new woman will come along and treasure it like you once did.
  4. Take stock of the pieces you actually wear. Is there something in there you haven’t worn in 6 months or more? Try making outfits with those pieces and if you don’t have anything that goes with a piece, or you wear that outfit and are not feeling it? Toss it in the donate pile.
  5. I am HUGELY guilty of this: I have a cuuuuute shirt that has a hole, or a loose hem, or a pair of pants that need hemming… and it sits in my “fix” pile. I recently went through my “fix” pile before we moved and I actually FIXED THEM! It was so liberating… and I also got rid of a third of the clothes in that pile because I realized fixing it would be a huge pain and the clothing item just wasn’t worth it.
  6. Look at those pieces you don’t wear and don’t want to give up. I have some that are hugely sentimental to me. I pulled those out and put them in a vacuum-sealed space-saving bag, and plan on making a quilt out of them. Now, I know not everyone is super crafty, but there are people you can pay to make a quilt (or a stuffed animal, or even just a pillow) out of those things.
  7. The next step? DOES IT FIT (and be honest). This one was particularly hard for me as I recently turned 30 and I feel like people don’t talk too much about how much your body changes from 28-32. I didn’t get bigger, but my shape changed meaning some of my pants don’t fit the way they used to, and some shirts don’t hug the right areas of my body any more. I recently went through and honestly looked at (and tried on) ALL of my clothes. If it didn’t fit? In the donate pile it went. It was truly liberating… and honestly? Out of ALL the clothes I got rid of (which was a lot) I only can remember one pair of pants that I truly miss. And let’s be real, they definitely did not fit my new muscular thighs.
  8. When putting your clothes back in the closet, come up with an organizational strategy that works for you. I personally color code my clothes: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, tan, white, black/white, black. I then within each color line them up short-sleeve, mid length, long, and also casual to fancy. I know it sounds complicated? but when I go to grab something, I know where to find it!
  9. THE BEST STEP OF ALL! Call all of your fashionista lady-friends and throw a clothing swap! I do one at least once a year, sometimes twice. I make snacks, mimosas, and have some ladies bring extra mirrors. We throw everything into piles, and then try everything on and take home what fits and you love. I am more likely to give up on an item of clothing if I know that it is going to a good home.

One you’ve done these steps (truly done them, and really looked at each item), you and your closet will feel refreshed and ready for the cozy days of winter. Now, I actually have room in my closet to hide those Christmas presents!


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