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Makeup haul!

fullsizeoutput_ac6I decided to treat myself to a makeup haul from Sephora, E.L.F Cosmetics, and Ulta! I finally (finally!) paid off my student loans and needed to celebrate in the best way I could think–online shopping!

makeup: I bought $25 worth of E.L.F. Cosmetics so they sent me a little free gift! I bought the selfie light, face primer, and eyeshadow primer–and they sent me some highlighter, an eye shadow (in “toast”) and not pictured a highlighter brush. I already have one or two, so I passed that on to my sis ❤  I also snagged some blush from Sephora. They gave me a sample once and I loved it! It went on great, lasted all day, and looks good with my skin tone (Sephora brand–“sweet on you no. 5”). It is currently sold out online, but they may have some in store. As always, I can never get enough lipsticks. I recently fell in love with Tarte brand lip colors when i got some in my Ipsy bag and just had to get more. They go on smooth, are highly pigmented, and last aaaaall day.


hair: I recently had an unfortunate incident with hard water. We moved a few months ago and our new place has hard water. I didn’t really notice right away? but it is definitely cumulative. The more I washed my hair, the more damaged and clogged it got–and it started to fall out! I panicked and did some research and have since installed a water filter in my shower ($20 from Lowes, $10 refills approx. every 6 months, works great!!). My hair is now needing some major TLC, so I got some Rose hair oil from Sephora, and some Hask shampoo/conditioner/argan oil from Ulta. I also take a daily Biotin pill that has definitely made my nails stronger and my hair is starting to slowly bounce back. In the meantime, I’m going to use this turbie-twist towel to prevent breakage from drying, and the polka-dot reusable shower cap for when I do hair masks (purchased from Ulta).



nails: Whenever I get a mani-pedi the shops are stocked up on China Glaze. Since I love how long my mani-pedi lasts, I figured the secret must be in the tools they use. I tried these a few nights ago and my nails are still going strong! No chips or uneven application. I will be buying more and more China Glaze lemme tell you! I got these at Ulta, although I’m sure you can find this brand at other shops as well (but maybe not for this price? these were on sale for a few dollars!)


self-care: Last but not least I got a face mask from Ulta for some self-care! I am the worst when it comes to self-care and rarely make time to just sit back and relax. I am hoping this will help facilitate that! Diamond peel-off face mask?! The videos and reviews look promising–I’ll let you know how it goes. It also came with a bonus cat-ear hair shield. The reviews all said it runs small (which it does) but it still fits my tiny lady head (phew!) and holds my bangs and wisps back just fine.fullsizeoutput_ad1


Does anybody else celebrate life events with shopping? What’s your newest makeup-haul? Share pics in the comments!

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