Maximize that maxi


I normally shy away from long dresses since I am a wee on the short side (5’4″-ish?). However, I could not pass up this floral beauty from Forever21! They are constantly cycling through clothes/styles so I snagged this for $3 on sale and it was the last one in my size. While it was a little long, all I had to do was pin it up at the bust seam and voila! It’s perfect. Paired with heels I don’t have to pin it much, but I can always adjust if I want to wear flats.

The Details: Floral dress (Forever21, last summer season, similar here); pink sports bra  (Forever21, last summer season, similar here); tan heels (Jessica Simpson, Nordstrom, similar here); butterfly earrings (unknown brand, have been in my collection for 20+ years, similar here)

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