Chocolate: a woman’s bff


A few weeks ago Ulta had their 21 days of beauty deals. Since I have all the makeup and more, I really wasn’t interested in picking up too much new stuff. The only item I blow through like it is going out of style is mascara so I picked up some of Ulta’s brand for $5 a piece (so far so good, a wee on the ho hum normal side). However, as I was browsing through all the daily deals I saw this chocolate beauty for 50% off–Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

I knew from past test swatch experience that it isn’t super pigmented and gets muddied easily, so I was hesitant to pay full price for the Chocolate Bar palette. I always admired the packaging (IT IS A CHOCOLATE BAR) and the presentation (IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE) and the ingredients (IT’S MADE WITH COCOA POWDER) so for $24 I thought why not?

Some recommendations if you plan on purchasing or own this palette (or other palettes that are not as pigmented and tend to muddy). Prep your lid! I use E.L.F. brand eye primer for day to day looks with my more robust palettes, but for a palette that is a little on the lighter side? I recommend going for a heavy-duty one like Urban Decay’s primer (ooh lala brand) or Essence, I heart stage primer (drugstore brand, similar to theater makeup). Next, when putting the shadows on your lid, use a heavy hand and really press it into the crease. You may need to add a few layers of each color. Once done with your look, use a setting spray and setting powder. If you do those three key steps, your look should last almost all day!

What are your favorite palettes? What palettes are on your wishlist? Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry palette is at the top of my wishlist ❤


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