Subscription with a cause


I love love love surprises! So subscriptions are right up my alley. You’d think I’d have tried more than two? (I really should try more…) I currently have a monthly Ipsy Glam Bag subscription, but wanted to try one that was more than just makeup. I saw a Facebook ad pop up (I am kind of a sucker for those–I go down the rabbit hole but rarely actually buy stuff!), and decided to look into it. Each box comes with approximately $200 worth of beautiful hand-crafted, socially conscious goods for only $54.95/quarter (or $49.95/quarter if you pay for the whole year up front). Use code GOOD10 for 20% off your first order.

I ordered the Fall box and it came with: (1) a loomed cotton scarf from India, (2) Natura, a Brazilian hair mask (I tried it and I love it!), (3) a cruelty-free RealHer palette with brush, (4) hand crafted stationary from India, (5) a handmade canvas tote with vegan leather from Jaipur, India (6) a 25oz Swell water bottle, and (7) an Abbey Lossing print. I am just a normal member so I don’t get to choose colors or items, but I like being surprised so I don’t mind. If you want more control over your box, you can pay for the whole year upfront and become a premium member and have some say over what you get.


They are an up and coming brand so there were some hiccups including: shipping was a few weeks late (I was one of the lucky ones that got their box relatively early at the end of September but many people were still waiting until October for it to be delivered); no email notification when my box was shipped, it just showed up!; they had to make a substitution because a wooden cheese board with cheese knife was delivered to their warehouse damaged, and the replacement product was then added on to the Fall Welcome box as a free add-on which somewhat cheapened my box; I reached out to them three times on Facebook and their website and never once heard back from them. The plus side is they posted about the issues on their site and apologized for any delays, and explained they’re growing faster than expected and hope to be more ready for the next box. I am more likely to give brands a pass if they are transparent about it and try to fix any mistakes.

What subscription boxes are you loving? What should I try??

**not a sponsored post! just want to share this beautiful subscription with you all 🙂

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