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My office is pretty casual, so a nice blouse and cute pants paired with heels is my go-to style. However, if a client is in the office or I’m feeling like stepping it up a notch just for funszies, a good chic pencil skirt is a must! It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it has a subtle ribbed texture to it that makes it both unique and comfy (win-win). I paired it with a looser top to balance out the whole look. When choosing shirts to tuck into a tighter skirt or pants I always go for shorter–the more material involved the harder it is to tuck smoothly!

How fancy is your office? Do you ever get a chance to step it up? Share your favorite fancy go-to office look in the comments!


The details: black pencil skirt (American Apparel, last chance to get things from here!); floral-esq pink and blue top (BCBG, thrifted); black stockings (Victoria’s Secret, available here); old-timey bicycle necklace (Swift boutique); purple suede wedges (Fioni, exact pair in size 8.5 here, similar here).

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